Your Personal Guide to Lasting Change is Here, FINALLY!

Armed with real-world clinical expertise and a whole lot of heart, I’m here to guide you on your life—changing adventure to mental freedom.

Hey there,

I’m AJ Huynh, MA, LPC-A.

Stoked you stumbled onto this page—no clue how you got here…

But I’m glad you did.

So, you wanna scope me out before signing up?

Totally understandable!

Quick fun fact:

In the therapist training world, we’re taught to keep the focus on you, not spill or self-disclose about ourselves.

That’s all to keep the energy where it should be—on helping you out.

So, I will make my story as brief as I can so we can return to you.

I got my Bachelor’s degree from the top university in Texas: University of Texas at Austin with a major in Biochemistry.

Yes, you read that right!

Not a Psychology major!

I got accepted to two dental schools before realizing…

If I become a dentist…

I won’t be able to become a person I want to be:

A Compassionate Knowledgeable Person

So, I enrolled in a wonderful Master’s program to get my degree in mental health counseling at LeTourneau University.

I learned a lot of things…

Some life-changing materials.

Tools that transformed my life.

Hopefully, it can transform yours, as well.

Enough about me.

I want to know more about you.


What My Clients Say About Me?

We Sacrifice A Lot to deal with Uncomfortable Thoughts & Feelings

I apologize for lying…

This “About Me” page isn’t actually about me.

It’s more about how I can assist you on your transformative journey.


As a fellow human who also experiences uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, I understand the struggle.

Getting rid of them doesn’t work.

Drinking or using illegal substances definitely just backfires.

Avoid them?

That will certainly cost you a lot!

For instance, people who struggle with social anxiety miss out on numerous life and career opportunities.

How about more adaptive ones?

Like walking the dog?


Here’s the problem…

We certainly put a lot of efforts into dealing with our internal experiences.

There is an alternative!


Learn more by scheduling a…

Meet the Counselor

Counseling in Cypress, Liberated Minds TX Therapy

In addition to my private practice, I also serve as a consultant at the Counseling Center of Montgomery County, where I apply process-based techniques to provide top-notch care. I extend my services to the Love Heals Youth non-profit, focusing on empowering the younger generation through emotional and psychological support. My work doesn’t stop there—I’m also actively involved in Montgomery County’s DWI/Drug Court Program, where I help individuals navigate the complexities of addiction and recovery. Clinical experience? I got plenty of those!


Phone Number: ‪(346) 634-7571


Address: 14150 Huffmeister Rd Suite 200-129, Cypress, TX 77429

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